Sterling Token

Re-making the Planet Sustainable

This is a unique token that is based on real assets, mostly square meters of properties, unlike other tokens that are based on unpredictable and unstable market.

We invite you to re-make the planet with us taking advantage of the tokenization of assets, colaboration and crowdfunding.


We have projects that are Ecological, Agricultural, Technological, Infrastructural, Housing, and Social, all with high decarbonized impacts.

We are a group that is changing the system.


• 2022 •

Our Team

Jorge Fernández

CEO - Founder

General Director of AMEXA (MEXICAN ASSOCIATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL COMPANIES A.C.).  Promoting best practices and public policies in the fields of WASTE, ENERGY AND WATER Engineer, ITESM (1986), UT in Austin (MBD1991). Consultant and Developer of energy and real estate projects in Mexico and Latin America.  I have developed: Cintermex (International Exhibition and Convention Center of Monterrey, Mexico. FUNDIDORA PARK (Old Foundry to Central Park), WTC Mexico (Guadalajara and Veracruz), Benlesa (SIMEPRODE energy biogas plant), Biogas plants (Cd. Juárez, Mexico and Lima, Peru). Member of the Advisory Council of the National Association of Maquiladoras, SEMARNAT, the National Association of Gas Stations, the Special Commission on Climate Change of the Senate of the Republic, TECHNOPOLI of the National Polytechnic Institute.  Professor (ITESM-Monterrey): Biofuels and energy. Director of SIMEPRODE in the state of Nuevo León and in the cities of CDMX and Guadalajara. 

Juan Mario Cárdenas

COO - Co-Founder

 CEO on At Orbe Corp, SAS de CV, CEO at Grupo Roypa Mexico SA de CV, CEO at Net Recycling, COO at Benlimex, SA de CV, Partner at Novoa Merino Cardenas Consulting, Psicologist, Experienced Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry. Strong sales professional skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Negotiation, Retail, Sales, and Marketing. Crypto investor. Passionate about life, family, ecology, technology and business.

Víctorya Vanadís


Specialist in Environmental Physics at University of Toronto. Degree in business administration. Love animals, nature, archery, gym, cooking & much more!

Kim Christofte

Construction Director

CEO at Castbox Ltd., CEO at NRG-ROOF Ltd. Co-Founder Housing Technology driven by the energy generated from the roof and earth, SDU South Danish Univercity,  Bussines Strategy, Innovative Thinking, IT Strategy, Project Development, Project Execution, Start-Ups 

Carlos Carvalheiro-Nunes

 Director of Innovation and Research

Aviation Engineer Eevelopment of Energy and Transport Technologies,  President & CEO of Aurora Industrial Machines Inc., a passionate young man, "at least in my mind I'm young, lol" I decided to make it my life's goal to put my passion to work the "how I do something is how I do everything" . I wanted to do everything, with that same level of integrity and perseverance that I was taught as a child... happy, passionate and enthusiastically grateful... 

Thomas Tangen

Real Estate Development Director

Founder & CEO hos Cashflow Group AS , investor in real estate and stocks as well as in start-ups and people, Only those who dare to say they want to change the world will actually do it !! We want everything to grow around us. Growth is the only way to improve life! 
*Friendship *Family *Business *Money *People
- Lets grow together!


Sisu Villarreal

Marketing and Creative Manager

Masters in Online Marketing, Marketer, Yogini, AcroYoga instructor and Creative Soul


  • We are a network, of people and companies, working in multiple areas of specialized human knowledge.
  • We are experienced in business development and the successful completion of projects.
  • Each project has a business plan, a road map and particular and global goals as well as deadlines.
  • We accept different cryptocurrencies to invest with us such as BTC (bitcoin), BCH (bitcoin cash), DAI, DOGE, ETH (ethereum), LTC (litecoin), USDC and many more.
  • We are at your service to assist you. 10am to 4pm, Mon to Fri, US Central Stantad Time (UTC-6)
  • Email us at to obtain more information.

Sterling Projects

Our tokens allows participation in the company's projects, 

proportional to the capital invested and revenue generated annually. With an average of the different projects. They have a representative value on each different project per unit.


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